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Are you looking to provide an amazing experience for both your team and your customers? And a great Digital Transformation journey to achieve this? In Belgium and abroad?
You’ve come to the right place ! At Novera, we want to be your partner to win Salesforce,  providing  360° services around your projects, from the strategic phase to the implementation and evolution phases. We do that across various business processes, in order to help you find, win and make your customers happy, as well as your team !

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Jean-Pierre Hogne – CIO

Touring One is the global project to renew the overall digital environment of Touring. In this context, we worked with Novera in order to make this transformation for real, using a ’Salesforce First’ approach. Novera was an ideal partner thanks to their expertise on this technology, their flexibility and positioning.


Thomas Nyssen, COO

Djm digital has relied on Novera as a key partner for our Salesforce Organization. Novera provided high-quality service and was very flexible to help us meet our goals and objectives. We are very pleased with the service provided.

Groupe EKO

Andréa Sturam – CEO

I really appreciated the Novera team for its implication to answer our needs and the way we work. Their work is qualitative, precise, and in accordance with the EKO Group. In conclusion, I highly recommend Novera!


Jérôme de Guigné, CEO

Raphaël and the Novera team are great people, which don’t try to oversell, but to find the proper solution. Would highly recommend them.


Hans D’Olieslager – Partner

MoneyOak is very happy with the implementation done by Novera, who have build our heart of our customer-centricity platform. They have delivered our project within time and budget, and were very helpful with the different requests and requirements we have put forward.
I can highly recommend to work with this partner.


Ready to play the game? Join us! Curious by nature and undeterred by challenges? You have come to the right place. Check out what we do at Novera. Maybe you’re just as delirious with innovation and digital as we are!



entrepreneurial spirit

We do what it takes to make it to the next level, for our customers and internally, embracing our responsibilities and being committed.


customer success

The value of understanding and delivering high value, and great customer experience for our Customers, and the Customers of our Customers.


innovate with technology

Passionate by technology and with strong technical expertise, we are always looking for innovations, new ways to do things, and challenging the status quo.


one team

We are one team, promoting team member growth, sharing, integrity, well being and family spirit.

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